In addition to business cycle forecasts we provide a wide variety of forecasts to our customers. During the last year and a half we have provided forecasts of electricity prices in the Nord Pool electricity market to electricity producers in Finland. In addition we have provided forecasts of different commodities, including oil and wheat, to different customers. We are specialized in constructing forecasts of commodities and assets that are under the influence of the business cycle.

We can construct scenarios of economic states in the future. Reliable scenarios are of interest in itself but we can also by order to extend these analyses to different sectors of the economy. Our consultancy services include possibility to construct forecasts for the essential asset and commodity prices. We can also supply country-specific analysis including forecasts for short-term business cycle conditions, long-term economic growth, and assessments of potential risk factors related to financial markets, for example. Our approach is to use state of the art methods which are based on the up-to-date knowledge on business cycle fluctuations, growth prospects, and their association with the financial markets.