Trend and Topics

New information is obtained continuously about the state of the economy. The market reacts sensitively to different surprises, the effects of which may quickly be reflected in the operation of the companies. An unexpected change in politics, such as the rearrangement of the national debts in Greece, the electoral victory of Donald Trump or Brexit, changes the business environment fast and often in unpredictable ways. Therefore, a constant market follow-up is important to control the economic and political risks.

In the compact overview Trends and Topics of 2-3 pages, we anticipate trends and events which affect the market. In its reports, we explain the reasons and the background of the changes in the DEPRCON-index summarizing the state of the economy  in the nearest future. We also update our quarterly report Q-review which concentrates on the long-run scenarios and crises.

Trends and Topics will be delivered as new information is obtained about the development of the world economy or in the case of significant changes in politics. Trends and Topics is delivered at least twice per month.

Trends and Topics sells in price 195 € +VAT /month. Annual subscription 1990 €+VAT. Orders: