GnS economics

Recessions and economic crises, as well as bull markets tend to take companies by a surprise. It shouldn’t be that way. GnS economics was founded to fill the gap between the latest macroeconomic research and the corporate world. Our mission is to make the most advanced tools of business cycle forecasting and macroeconomic analysis available for companies and institutions alike. Our methods make it possible to forecast the business cycles and its turning points. As an independent company, we can offer the most up to date, unbiased information to our clients.

GnS economics applies cutting edge academic research to up-to-date business knowledge. We aim to offer the best possible information and analyses to support our clients’ decision making in the competitive global markets. Amid short term fluctuations, it is imperative to have a clear view on the long-term economic outlook in order to be prepared and to maximize the opportunities. Timing is everything, as they say. We can help you with that.