Coronavirus and the world economy

The outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic in China has shaken the global asset markets—and with good reason.

The coronavirus has the potential of being the ‘trigger’ which will push the world into a global depression. Here, we briefly explain why.

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Q-Review 4/2019: Into the Abyss

The economic calm which has succeeded the turbulent conclusion to 2018 was abruptly shattered on the 16th of September. On that day, rates in the repo markets spiked by 248 basis points to more than double the overnight lending rate of the…

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Towards the crisis

The world economy has not been in a more precarious situation in over a decade. Growth is faltering everywhere, with the Eurozone flirting with recession, while central banks have returned to monetary easing after just one year of global tightening.

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The destruction of the European banking sector

For some reason, the dire situation of European banks is not causing further alarm. This is strange, as it is the exact place where the new global banking crisis is likely to start.

What makes it even stranger is that recession is approaching the …

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Crisis Preparation II: The Eurozone

The European Monetary Union (EMU) has been a bold, but fundamental flawed experiment. It has sown the seeds of divergence in economic well-being, politics and it has “zombified” the banking sector in Europe. For investors, it has created the possibil…

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