10 years from Lehman. And nothing has been fixed

The general storyline of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) goes about like this: funds from all over the world headed to the US, where the banks, to finance the housing market boom, developed unsound financial products which then brought down the glo…

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Quantitative tightening and the end of the global business cycle

We’ve been warning on the risks of so called unorthodox central bank policies, including zero and negative interest rates and asset buying programs, for several years (see, e.g. this, this and this). Now, the era of global quantitative tightening, enacted by the Federal Reserve, will bring an end to the “global synchronized growth”.

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Q-Review 4/2017: The approaching perfect storm

The debt-stimulus of China and the pro-business policy of Donald Trump have given a strong lift to the global economy, but the imbalances behind the façade of this economic expansion continue to grow. These detrimental development during the past 9 years is currently converging towards a “perfect storm” likely to engulf the global economy within two years.

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