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GnS Economics

GnS Economics is an independent, Helsinki-based macroeconomic consultancy specialized in forecasting and analyzing the risks of the world economy and the financial markets. GnS Economics is operated by six partners with years-long experience in econometric forecasting, economic modelling, economic growth and crises, financial markets and business-to-business consulting and marketing.

PhD (econ.) Tuomas Malinen is CEO and the Chief Economist of GnS Economics. He is also an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Helsinki. He has studied economics at the University of Helsinki and at New York University. He specializes in economic growth, economic crises, central banks and the business cycle. Tuomas is regularly consulted by political leaders in Finland, and he is interviewed frequently by local and international financial media. Tuomas is currently writing a book on how financial crises can be forecasted.

For inquiries about our products and services, please contact: [email protected] or:

Tuomas Malinen, PhD (econ).
Tel.: +358 40 561 3582
Email: [email protected]
GnS Economics, Tuomas Malinen