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Crisis Preparation

The world economy is hurtling towards an economic crisis. We have been pondering how investors, households and businesses could shield themselves--and even benefit from the inevitable crisis.

In our Crisis Preparation reports we gather the findings of our analyses on economic crisis preparation.

These reports extend and expand our analysis developed in the Q-Review reports, in which we outline the path towards the economic crisis and propose the means by which subscribers can position themselves optimally both during the crisis and for its aftermath.

If you want to keep up-to-date on all the developments leading to the economic crisis and receive constant updates on how to respond to the coming economic collapse, buy the annual subscription of Q-Reviews.GNS Store


Q-Review Special Report: The Bear’s Lair: Inflation Crisis update. (June 2022)GNS Store

Crisis Preparation, Part I: The Basics. (October 2020 update)GNS Store

Crisis Preparation, Part II: The Eurozone. (November 2020 update)GNS Store

Crisis Preparation, Part III: The United States. (June 2021 update)GNS Store

The Preppers' Bunker: Coronavirus update. (May 2020 update)GNS Store