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Deprcon is a monthly outlook for the world economy, where we also update our growth and crisis probability forecasts as well as the Deprcon index. The service also includes a real-time alert service, where we warn our clients about sudden economic and/or political shocks threatening the markets.

Business cycle planning

Business cycle planning is a four-step program integrating business cycle fluctuations as an essential element of the strategy, thus providing our clients with cost-savings and competitive advantages over other firms in the same sector.

GnS economics surveys the sensitivity of the client company to business cycle fluctuations and designs the relevant goals for strategic business planning. After setting the goals, we provide a business cycle strategy for the firm.

The objective of business cycle strategy is to enable well-timed marketing and investment decisions at different stages of the business cycle. We also provide our clients with tools for controlling their business cycle risks.

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We provide our customers with a wide variety of forecasts. We forecast the business cycle and provide estimates for prices of minerals, metals and financial assets.

We base our forecasts on scenarios. When forecasting the development of an economy or the price of an asset, one can assume that it has several different potential outcomes based on future developments. For example, economic or political shocks can affect its price.

The probability of different scenarios can be assessed using information obtained from financial markets, the real economy and from historical sources.

Our approach is to use state-of-the-art methods which are based on an up-to-date understanding of business cycle fluctuations, growth prospects, their association with the financial markets, and the very latest econometric techniques.

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Research reports

Freely downloadable research reports. A contra-factual analysis on Finland's exports under euro vs. markka