Recessions, economic crises and expansions tend to come as a surprise to majority of firms. This needs not to be. Growth and Strategy Economics was founded to bridge the gap between macroeconomics research and businesses.

We are independent research and market analyst, founded by economic academics, financial market experts and business actors. It is our mission to bring the newest research findings and the most sophisticated models on the reach of business managers.

We are specialized in forecasting the business cycle and the prices of assets, raw materials and end products. We also produce economic and geopolitical risk analyzes.

As an independent actor, we can produce a up-to-date and objective information to our customers. Our analyses are based on the recent academic research, highly advanced forecasting models and on market expertise accumulated over several years of market research and  analysis.

It is our aim to provide our customers the leading edge in the toughening international business environment and competition. In the midst of business cycles and political and economic risks, timing is the most important tool!