In the Q-Review -reports, we analyse and forecast the risks of the global economy. We concentrate on China, the Eurozone and the US, but also deal with every major development affecting the global economy.

Our in-depth analysis on the factors affecting the financial markets yields probabilities for market crashes and financial crises. We also provide GDP growth forecasts for the United States, the Eurozone and Finland.

Our analyses are based on scenario analyses. We assess the risks threatening the global economy in three scenarios: the optimistic, the pessimistic and the most likely. The scenario analyses provide information concerning the potential global economic threats for the investors and corporations.

We also regularly provide analyzes how households, investors and firms can shield themselves and benefit from recessions and economic calamities. See examples from our older reports from below.

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Q-Review 9/2021: The Devil's Advocate.GNS Store
Q-Review 6/2021: Currency wars.GNS Store
Q-Review 3/2021: Zombification and the coming inflation shock.GNS Store

Q-Review 12/2020: The Aftermath of the Coronavirus.GNS Store
Q-Review 9/2020: Into to the (deep) unknown.GNS Store
Q-Review 6/2020: The Bear’s Lair.GNS Store
Q-Review Special Issue May 2020: Apocalypse. Now?GNS Store
Q-Review Special Issue: Prepper's Bunker: Coronavirus update.GNS Store
Q-Review 1/2020: How the coronavirus epidemic affects the fragile global economy.GNS Store for free.

Q-Review 4/2019: Special Report on the Economic Collapse of 2020-2023.GNS Store
Q-Review 3/2019: The Endgame.GNS Store
Q-Review 2/2019: The Prepper’s Bunker.GNS Store
Q-Review 1/2019: The Growth Conundrum.GNS Store

Q-Review 4/2018: A special report on the journey into the Global Depression and recovery.GNS Store
Q-Review 3/2018: How the Eurozone breaks.GNS Store
Q-Review 2/2018: Special report on how to survive and thrive in the coming crisis.GNS Store
Q-Review 1/2018: The era of quantitative tightening. Updated 6/15/18. (free)

Q-Review 4/2017: The approaching perfect storm. (free)
Q-Review 3/2017: The world economy on the brink. (free)
Q Review 2/2017: Towards global recession. (free)
Q-Review 1/2017: Bellwhethers of a fall. (free)

Q-Review 4/2016: The Trump effect? (free)
Q-Review 3/2016: Where from here? (free)
Q-Review 2/2016: Surviving the next crisis. (free)
Q-Review 1/2016: The scourge of uncertainty. (free)

Q-Review 4/2015: Where is the world economy heading? (free)
Q-Review 1/2015: Is Europe recovering? (free)

Q-Review 4/2014: The age of uncertainty. (free)
Q-Review 2/2014: Growth with a shadow of a doubt. (free)

Q-Review 4/2013: Hidden risks threaten the recovery. (free)
Q-Review 2/2013 (free)
Q-Review 1/2013 (free)

Q-Review 4/2012 (free)
Q-Review 3/2012 (free)