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In the Q-Review -reports, we analyse and forecast the risks of the global economy. We concentrate on China, the Eurozone and the US, but also deal with every major development affecting the global economy.

Our in-depth analysis on the factors affecting the financial markets yields probabilities for market crashes and financial crises. We also provide GDP growth forecasts for the United States, the Eurozone and Finland.

Our analyses are based on scenario analyses. We assess the risks threatening the global economy in three scenarios: the optimistic, the pessimistic and the most likely. The scenario analyses provide information concerning the potential global economic threats for the investors and corporations.

We also regularly provide analyzes how households, investors and firms can shield themselves and benefit from recessions and economic calamities. See examples from our older reports for free from below.

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Q-Review 3/2022: War and Peace

In our first Q-Review of the year we, naturally, concentrate on the repercussions of the Russo-Ukrainian war.

We detail the current (known) costs of the war, sketch three economic end-scenarios (good, concensus and bad) for the war and provide GDP growth forecasts for each of the scenarios.

12 pages. Read more.

Price VAT 0%.

Q-Review 6/2022: Forecasting Economic Crises

In this special report, we provide the building blocks of the method we have used to successfully anticipate the crucial turning points in the markets and in the economy over the past 10 years.

Forecasting is not something reserved for the selected few highly educated or those with the ability to read the ”crystal ball”. It’s available to all who are interested on the economy.

The Special Report also naturally presents our forecasts, which are exceptionally dark this time around.

14 pages. Further information.

Price VAT 0%.

Q-Review 9/2022: The Stages of the Collapse

In December 2019, we published a report detailing the stages of collapse the world economy would follow.  While the stages have been accurate, developments unpredictable at the time of writing have altered the stages. In this special report we update them.

The biggest difference between this and 2019 report is a new stage, the Crash, mapping the ensuing crash major of key markets, globally.

15 pages.

Price VAT 0%.

Q-Review 12/2021: Into the Global Dystopia?

Special report on the “Great Reset”.

In this special report we analyze where the Great Reset and its recent developments can take us by
concentrating on three scenarios ranging from benevolent to dystopian.

14 pages.

Q-Review 9/2021: The Devil’s Advocate

Where is the world economy heading? What threats are there? Are we heading into a global economic crisis? How close is it?

In this report, we aim to answer to these questions.

16 pages.

Bitcoin price

Q-Review 6/2021: Currency Wars

The world is heading to what is likely to be the biggest upheaval of its current monetary system since the First World War and the collapse of the classical gold standard.

In this special report, we analyze the scenarios the monetary system is likely to follow.

16 pages. Learn more.

Q-Review 3/2021: Zombification and the coming inflation shock

The fragility of the global economy has been aggravated by lockdowns and the ill-advised “support policies” of governments and the central banks.

They have accelerated the zombification of the global corporate sectors, while creating an intrinsic asset bubble, which keeps on growing—and now an inflation shock lurks on the horizon.

We offer growth forecasts for three possible world economic scenarios for 2021-2024

15 pages. Learn more.

Q-Review 12/2020: The Aftermath of the Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is likely to bring permanent and fundamental change to both our economies and societies. In this special report we attempt to outline what those changes could be by drawing three rather disturbing scenarios. Unfortunately, none offer an ‘easy way’ out.

Current economic forecasts are characterized by a high degree of variability because of significant economic and political uncertainty.

17 pages. Learn more.

Q-Review 9/2020: Into to the (deep) unknown

Both an extremely fragile European banking system and an over-levered U.S. financial system face a high risk of catastrophic collapse.

In this report we detail the scenarios the global economic crisis is likely to take, going forward. The scenarios are called: the Crash, the Reset and the Great Inflation.

16 pages. Learn more.

The Bear’s Lair: Inflation Crisis update

We  are in the beginning stages of what will probably be the biggest economic collapse in modern history.

In this report we present ways investors, households and corporations can hedge their financial assets and businesses against the ensuing collapse.

Updated in June 2022.

20 pages. Learn more.